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More security for personnel and goods, better for our environment and cheaper for you; our fleet is kept to the latest law. It goes without saying that all tractor vehicles fulfil the EURO-4/5-norm and also the equipment with ABS is compulsive.
The fleet correspond to the national and inner-European law for special and extra heavy transport and dispose of certificates of exemption for inside German transport. Even in Benelux, France, Italy and Austria we can transport your extra long and wide good with certificates of exemptions without any problems.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers at any times, our vehicles can be converted fast and flexible for the transport of machines, construction materials, wood or steel constructions.

We want everything to arrive in good shape, therefore we equipped all our trailers especially for extra long and wide goods. Standard equipment is for example platform wagons of at least 1,80 meter height for special transports, e.g. steel ducts, as well as professional lashes to secure especially heavy loadings. Most of our trailers have a twist lock to send containers of all sizes and weights on the road safely. Our semi flat bed trailers are suitable, thanks to ramps, for the transport of vehicles that need hydraulic winches (10t and 15t). Being a specialist for transporting rail vehicles, we dispose of different flat bed trailers with embedded track beds for a length up to 34 m.
More than this; our large accessory store allows for solutions for all possibilities.

  • Curtain sider trailer:
    13,6 m height on the side up to 2,68 m. NL 32T
  • Curtain sider mega:
    13,5 m height on the side up to 3,10 ,. NL 32 t extendable under the curtain to 4,2 m  raising roof up to 3,65m under curtain, hydraulic winches and ramps permanently on the vehicle
  • Plateau trailer:
    13,6m with 1,8 m flatcar and end wall NL 33t
  • Container chassis:
    12m locks for TEU in the middle, front and back, ramp height NL 33 t
  • Extended trailer:
    13,6 m extendable up to 31 m NL up to 32t
  • Tele semis:
    13,6 m 2/4/5/6 axles extendable up to 32 m in bed NL up to 52 t different trailers with twist lock for 20c and 40c, ramps and curtains and track pieces for different low loaders available.
  • Flat beds:
    Extendable up to 25,5 m (bolt/flap)  plus platform 3,8m , NL up to 39,5 t, equipped with optional twist locks, full wood bottom or open
  • Vessel beds / girder bridge:
    Extendable up to 52m (bolt/flap) plus platform, inside width 3,4m ,
    3 + 5 axles, steered completely hydraulically, NL up to 85t

Towing vehicles
Every towing vehicle at MTU Usinger & Trombetta Spezialtransporte GmbH & Co. KG is equipped for heavy and special transport and possesses telephones and radio communication system for the national and inner European traffic.
Out of belief for a healthier environment we only send towing vehicles on the street that fulfil the EURO-4/5-Norm.

  • 2-axles units
    with a power up to 460 PS
  • 3-axles units with hydraulic-auxiliary drive
    with a power up to 510 PS
  • 4-axles units with hydraulic-auxiliary drive
    with a power up to 540 PS
  • 5-axles units with hydraulic-auxiliary drive
    with a power up to 660 PS

Anything else that is needed:

  • Forklift truck
    For loading and unloading we keep different forklifts
    with long forks and a up to 4,5t lifting power.
  • Escorting vehicles
    If necessary, we can escort your transport with our private
    transport escort vehicles (BF-2 and BF-3)
  • Extendable cranes
    Our competent partners keep extendable cranes from 25t up to 300t
    – for a logistic on site out of one hand

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