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A nice long story.


More than six decades ago, Walter Usinger placed the headstone for today’s business when he founded his forwarding company on 1st October 1947. Shortly after this date, Josef Trombetta joined the company, together with his lorry and the long distance traffic licence. Usinger + Trombetta was found.
The appealing name was kept, even when Trombetta left the company, together with his lorry, in 1950.
The company founder was not left alone for long: His son, Hans-Dieter joined 1953 and took over the operating business.

In the beginning they forwarded also CARE-packages and sugar, but soon Usinger + Trombetta specialised in transporting steel products of all kinds. Thanks to the Wirtschaftswunder and reconstruction the steel producing industry developed rapidly. Extra-long ducts, special iron and also steel sheet walls, were forwarded from the Ruhrpott into the harbour of Hamburg and from here to the world.

It became clear that that this would be the area of expertise for Usinger + Trombetta: Transporting extra long and heavy goods. The success proved father and son right: In the middle of the fifties they already worked with 12 employees.

Due to the increasing demand for transportation, the junior opened his own company in 1957: “Hans-Dieter Usinger, Güternah- und Fernverkehr” – short and long distance traffic. Both companies worked closely together and with an own lorry – a Krupp Mustang L80M4- a regular service between Hamburg and the Ruhr area started.

When the goods grew steadily into length, Hans-Dieter Usinger used the first articulated lorries in 1961 and as of 1968 he was one of the first who used extendable semi trailers. He was even part of the design team. Based on the principle, to keep special transports as simple as possible, Usinger+Trombetta forwarded steel, ducts, precious woods and concrete parts through northern Germany and Westphalia with this new lorry technology. Besides, the company always gave a helping hand on site and proved to be a reliable and competent partner for large projects like for example the Köhlbrand bridge, the Elbtunnel, the Eider flood barrier in Tönning and also the Hörn crossing in Kiel.



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Until the seventies, Walter Usinger worked in the family business and together with his son he kept the course successfully. Both were supported by theirs wives. Lilly Usinger handled the bookkeeping until she turned 85 and daughter in law Elke joined in 1979. After Hans-Dieter Usinger died in an accident in 1983 she took over together with her son Thomas Usinger. Thanks to the experienced team, giving full support, and due to the strong bond to the customers, the company was able to get through these difficult times and was even able to strengthen its position. After finishing his traineeship to become a forwarding agent, the second grandson of the founder joined the company in 1995. Michael Usinger took over the operating business whereas Thomas Usinger is responsible for technical and economic issues. Today both companies are Ltds and the “family-concept” guarantees continuity even in the seventh decade since foundation: With Elke Usinger and her two sons all partners are actively bound to the daily business – and they know where it is going to!


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